Dear valued client

URGENT NOTICE : Pre-med Cryoideal N20 cartridges/openers

I refer to a mail sent out by Casey Sykes of Pre-med dated 7 July 2022. (copy attached).

In the aforementioned attachment, Pre-med refer to a “Third Party” promoting counterfeit N20 cartridges.

Please be advised that it was Sere-med who lodged the Field Safety Notice and Complaint with SAHPRA against Pre-med who are in fact the “Third Party” promoting the use of the Cryoideal N20 cartridge and opener in the CryoPEN™

The Belgian court recently handed down two judgements against Cryoideal, instructing them to cease the dishonest and misleading marketing of the Cryoideal N20 cartridge as being compliant with the CryoPEN™ and to send out a notice to all their clients and distribution agents advising them of the judgement.

The Cryoideal N20 cartridges and openers are NOT CE or FDA approved for medical use, and are NOT compliant in the CryoPEN™.

For more information pertaining to this notice, please contact the writer.

Doug Smith
Division Manager: CERP (AED / Beaty) Aesthetics (CryoPen / Dermotoscope)
071 684 3888 (EXT) 118