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1422 Needle Holder with cutter 18cm Tungsten Carbide

002 Needle Holder 16cm Tungsten Carbide

007 Needle Holder with cutter 14cm Tungsten Carbide

034 Needle Holder Baby 13cm Tungsten Carbide

033 Needle / Holder with cutter Baby 11.5cm Tungsten Carbide


1048 Forceps Crocodile 85mm Shaft

1412 Forceps Chalazion Lambert

004 Forceps Artery 150mm STR

1424 Forceps Splinter 10.5cm

1404 Forceps Tissue (4x5T) 15cm

1410 Forceps Bone Cutting STR 15cm

2041 Forceps Thumb 11.5cm

2043 Forceps Thumb 14cm

1406 Forceps Crile Serrated STR 14cm

1405 Forceps Crile Serrated CVD 14cm

1408 Forceps Kocher (1x2T) STR 14cm

1407 Forceps Kocher (1x2T) CVD 14cm

476 Forceps Adson 12cm Microfine 1 x 2T

2033 Forceps Adson 12cm 1 x 2T

2034 Forceps Adson Plain / Serrated 12cm

1002 Forceps Mosquito 12cm CVD

1001 Forceps Mosquito 12cm STR

1425 Forceps Sponge Holding 24cm

1423 Forceps Tenaculum 24cm

1427 Forcep Tissue Brown 150mm

001 Forceps Splintor / magnifier (CM)


2014 Scissors Iris 11.5cm STR

2015 Scissors Iris 11.5cm CVD

2023 Scissors Metzenbaum Baby CVD 11.5cm

2021 Scissors Metzenbaum STR 14cm

2022 Scissors Metzenbaum 14.5cm CVD

2001 Scissors Dressing 11.5cm STR SH/BL

2003 Scissors Dressing 13cm STR SH/BL

2002 Scissors Dressing 14.5cm STR SH/BL

2006 Scissors Dressing 16cm STR SH/SH

2019 Scissors Stitch Fine Hook 11cm

3010 Scissors Utility 14.5cm Black Plastic Handle

3009 Scissors Utility 18cm Black Plastic Handle


000 Eye Magnet Foreign Body Remover / Mirror

005 Dental Syringe

2053 Ring Cutter

1409 Bone Rongeur

1401 Curette Bone Williger

1413 Curette Chalazion Meyhoefer

1414 Curette Chalazion Axenfeld – Double

1403 Curette Lupus – Fox

1411 Curette Ear – Buck

1417 Eye Spud and Needle

2054 Scalpel Blade Handle No. 3

2047 Scalpel Blade Handle No. 4

1421 Specula Nasal

1419 Specula Nasal – Thudicum Adult

1420 Specula Nasal – Thudicum Child

1415 Hook 2 Prong – Guthrie

1416 Retractor Skin – Weitlaner (2x3T)

1426 Retractor Gelpi 130mm

1402 Spreader Plaster – Henning

1400 Hammer Percussion – Babinsky

1418 Trocar Set of 4

1428 Senn-Muller Retractor Blunt 16cm

Instrument Tray and Lid Size 306mm x 196mm x 50mm

Instrument Tray and Lid Size 264mm x 172mm x 50mm

Dressing Jar Lid 2lt 196mm x 170mm

Dressing Jar Lid 1lt 115mm x 115mm

Dressing Jar Lid 1/2lt

Galipot 90ml

Galipot 60ml

Kidney Dish 300mm

Kidney Dish 200mm

Kidney Dish 150mm