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Code: KBM011

1422 Needle Holder with cutter 18cm Tungsten Carbide

Code: KBM035

002 Needle Holder 16cm Tungsten Carbide

Code: KBM002

007 Needle Holder with cutter 14cm Tungsten Carbide

Code: KBM006

034 Needle Holder Baby 13cm Tungsten Carbide

Code: KBM034

033 Needle / Holder with cutter Baby 11.5cm Tungsten Carbide

Code: KBM033


1048 Forceps Crocodile 85mm Shaft

Code: KBM009

1412 Forceps Chalazion Lambert

Code: KBM036

004 Forceps Artery 150mm STR

Code: KBM004

1424 Forceps Splinter 10.5cm

Code: KBM037

001 Forceps Splintor / magnifier (CM)

Code: KBM037A

1404 Forceps Tissue (4x5T) 15cm

Code: KBM038

1410 Forceps Bone Cutting STR 15cm

Code: KBM043

2041 Forceps Thumb 11.5cm

Code: KBM025

2043 Forceps Thumb 14cm

Code: KBM026

1406 Forceps Crile Serrated STR 14cm

Code: KBM039

1405 Forceps Crile Serrated CVD 14cm

Code: KBM040

1408 Forceps Kocher (1x2T) STR 14cm

Code: KBM041

1407 Forceps Kocher (1x2T) CVD 14cm

Code: KBM042

476 Forceps Adson 12cm Microfine 1 x 2T

Code: KBM032

2033 Forceps Adson 12cm 1 x 2T

Code: KBM023

2034 Forceps Adson Plain / Serrated 12cm

Code: KBM024

1002 Forceps Mosquito 12cm CVD

Code: KBM008

1001 Forceps Mosquito 12cm STR

Code: KBM007

1425 Forceps Sponge Holding 24cm

Code: KBM044

1423 Forceps Tenaculum 24cm

Code: KBM045


2014 Scissors Iris 11.5cm STR

Code: KBM017

2015 Scissors Iris 11.5cm CVD

Code: KBM018

2023 Scissors Metzenbaum Baby CVD 11.5cm

Code: KBM022

2021 Scissors Metzenbaum STR 14cm

Code: KBM020

2022 Scissors Metzenbaum 14.5cm CVD

Code: KBM021

2001 Scissors Dressing 11.5cm STR SH/BL

Code: KBM012

2003 Scissors Dressing 13cm STR SH/BL

Code: KBM015

2002 Scissors Dressing 14.5cm STR SH/BL

Code: KBM013

2006 Scissors Dressing 16cm STR SH/SH

Code: KBM016

2019 Scissors Stitch Fine Hook 11cm

Code: KBM019

3010 Scissors Utility 14.5cm Black Plastic Handle

Code: KBM031

3009 Scissors Utility 18cm Black Plastic Handle

Code: KBM030


000 Eye Magnet Foreign Body Remover / Mirror

Code: KBM000

005 Dental Syringe

Code: KBM005

2053 Ring Cutter

Code: KBM028

1409 Bone Rongeur

Code: KBM046

1401 Curette Bone Williger

Code: KBM047

1413 Curette Chalazion Meyhoefer

Code: KBM048

1414 Curette Chalazion Axenfeld – Double

Code: KBM049

1403 Curette Lupus – Fox

Code: KBM050

1411 Curette Ear – Buck

Code: KBM051

1417 Eye Spud and Needle

Code: KBM052

2054 Scalpel Blade Handle No. 3

Code: KBM029

2047 Scalpel Blade Handle No. 4

Code: KBM027

1421 Specula Nasal

Code: KBM053

1419 Specula Nasal – Thudicum Adult

Code: KBM054

1420 Specula Nasal – Thudicum Child

Code: KBM055

1415 Hook 2 Prong – Guthrie

Code: KBM056

1416 Retractor Skin – Weitlaner (2x3T)

Code: KBM057

1402 Spreader Plaster – Henning

Code: KBM058

1400 Hammer Percussion – Babinsky

Code: KBM059

1418 Trocar Set of 4

Code: KBM060

1426 Retractor Gelpi 130mm

Code: KBM061

1427 Forceps Tissue Brown 15cm

Code: KBM062

1428 Senn-Muller Retractor Blunt 16cm

Code: KBM063

Instrument Tray and Lid Size 306mm x 196mm x 50mm

Code: ZIN002

Instrument Tray and Lid Size 264mm x 172mm x 50mm

Code: ZIN001

Dressing Jar Lid 2lt 196mm x 170mm

Code: ZDR003

Dressing Jar Lid 1lt 115mm x 115mm

Code: ZDR002

Dressing Jar Lid 1/2lt

Code: ZDR004

Galipot 90ml

Code: ZGA002

Galipot 60ml

Code: ZGA001

Kidney Dish 300mm

Code: ZKI003

Kidney Dish 200mm

Code: ZKI002

Kidney Dish 150mm

Code: ZKI001