SHELDON – Interactive CPR feedback system

Cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, anywhere at any time.

Sheldon is an interactive CPR feedback system, that allows anyone to be trained in CPR anywhere, at any time.

  1.  Interactive audio-visual feedback  – DEPTH / RATE / RECOIL
  2.   Resembles a real human’s chest structure
  3.   Vibrates to simulate a rib fracture
  4.   Fits every manikin in the market.
  5.   No installation needed.
  6.   Can be used for individual training
  7.   With no manikin or special equipment.

Sheldon provides your training centre with innovative technology to train your students in high quality CPR.

Sheldon helps your students go from the classroom to the real world, with more confidence in their skills in a whole new way.

Benefits of Sheldon for your CPR training centre:

  1. By using Beaty on top of Sheldon, the student will get audio feedback when reaching the correct depth.
  2. When performing chest compression too slow, the yellow light will turn on. This will let the student know that he/she needs to push harder/ faster.
  3. When performing chest compression without full recoil the red light will turn on. The student will therefore know to ensure that full recoil is present.
  4. When performing chest compression with full recoil and correct rate the green light and all, of the ribs lights, will turn on. This will provide feedback to the student that he/she is doing effective and high-quality CPR.
  5. A unique stimulation of the rib fraction includes visual and audible and tactile feedback. Ensuring that the student receives the best possible training.

Sheldon enables your group of students or individual students, to be trained in an innovative manner, with the best equipment, at an affordable cost.