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Sere-Student is an online service made available to medical students whereby selected medical products can be acquired directly from Sere-med. By utilizing Sere-Student, you can now purchase and obtain the Sere-med products that doctors trust and love. To support you, we continue to engage with medical professionals on the beneficial value our products have to offer and which ones are best suited for medical students.

Our products can be viewed at the bottom of this page.

For any enquiries or immediate assistance, use our 24-hour toll-free helpline 080 062 2220 and ask to speak either to Jeanette, Adelle, Nugent or Albert. Alternatively, Kyle will answer your call after hours To place your order or to view the product you are interested in, scroll down to the product, and click on the image. The Sere-Student portal will guide you through the process of completing your order by filling in the required information, selecting a well suited payment option and checking out.

At Sere-med, we pride ourselves on our service and the quality of our products. We look forward to being of service to you soon.

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Pensioners receive 10% discount

To get your discount coupon code please contact Vasie – 011 262 2220 ext 102

Contact our TOLL FREE number on 0800 62 2220 or email vasue at