First Aid Sere-med Outdoor Utility Bag

First Aid Sere-med Outdoor Utility Bag


R 395.00 including VAT


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1 x Each Form Conforming Bandage 100mm
1 x Each Crepe Crepe Bandage 75mm
1 x Each Triangular Bandage
2 x Each Pore Surgical Dressing 60 x 60mm
1 x Pkt/1 Pce Gauze Sterile Gauze 75 x 75mm
1 x Each Sterile Paraffin Gauze 100 x 100mm
1 x Each SOS First Aid Dressing No. 3 75 x 100mm
2 x Each Finger/Toe Dressing 25 x 25mm
1 x Pair Gloves Non-Sterile Large
1 x Cohesive 25mm
1 x Each CPR Mouth Piece
1 x Each Eye Shield with elastic
1 x Each Sterile Adhesive Eye Pad
4 x Each Hi Mediplast Plaster Strips
3 x Cottonwool Balls
1 x Cetrimide Antiseptice Solution 50ml
1 x Antiseptic Ointment PVP -1 Antiseptic Cream
1 x Pair Lock on Splint
1 x Forceps
1 x Scissors
1 x Plast Adhesiv Strapping 25mm
1 x Tin Zambuk
1 x Each -net 5×5 5’s
1 x Each Emergency Loo
3 x Burnaid 3.5g Gel Sachets
1 x Rescue Sheet
1 x Soft Swab 50×50 25’s
1 x SerePore Surgical Dressing 60×90

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