Blood Pressure Monitor K 2- 232

Blood Pressure Monitor K 2- 232


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Cuff: Coverage arm circumference: 22 to 42cm applied part; BF
Method of Measurement:
The K2-232 employs the oscillometric method for measurement of blood pressure and pulse rate.

✓ Touch sensor operation
✓ Large readable 15 digit liquid crystal display
✓ “Err” display symbol
✓ Inflates automatically
✓ Pulse symbol
✓ Inflation and deflation symbol
✓ Automatic turn-off after 3 minutes


Our Patient-Assist app has been established as a supporting link enabling you to record and forward your readings immediately to your doctor.

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    Allows the untrained user to take a clinical blood pressure precisely.

    The importance of an accurate blood pressure measurement cannot be underestimated. This is particularly relevant when taking your blood pressure measurement at home and in the absence of a medical professional.

    There are numerous different types of home monitoring digital blood pressure monitors available to the public through most pharmacies in South Africa.

    Unfortunately, not all digital blood pressure monitors offer unique features that allow a blood pressure measurement to be taken correctly in the required conditions.

    The Sere-med K2-232 digital blood pressure monitor has been designed to provide the features necessary for an accurate measurement.

    Choosing and purchasing the right blood pressure monitor is difficult enough.

    WHY the Sere-med K2-232 


    This blood pressure monitor, under the name DSK-1031, was proven to have superior performance in independent testing by the European Society of Hypertension, a prestigious international organization, using the ESH-IP2010, their most rigid protocol.

    Proven reliability, accuracy and aftersales support has ensured the K2-232’s continued demand. Supplied by ALP K2, a reputable, renowned international blood pressure monitor manufacturer.


    It is for this reason that our K2-232 is available to you from Sere-med Direct. Your doctor will understand the value a good quality home blood pressure monitor will be in their management of their patient’s health.


    Having your doctor recommend and prescribe the K2-232 will guarantee that you, have chosen a blood pressure monitor your doctor is confident will be easy and comfortable to use. More importantly, the K2-232 will provide you with accurate and reliable readings.

    By utilizing the patient assist app ( you can either record for your own reference or forward your measurement readings directly to your doctor.


    Our Sere-med Direct Support Team (toll-free number 080 062 2220) are available to offer you guidance and the necessary support to ensure your experience using our K2-232 is a pleasant and comforting one.

    The K2-232 Blood Pressure Monitor with a patient friendly shaped cuff, allows easy application by one person without needing assistance especially if the patient is alone.

    1. Touch sensor operated
      2. Large “easy to read” 15-digit liquid crystal display affords the reading to be seen clearly.
      3. “ERR” (error) display
      4. Inflates automatically
      5. Automatic turn-off after three (3) minutes.
      6. Unique inflation technology that determines enough pressure during initial stages of inflation which eases stress on the arm during the actual cuff inflation.
      7. Date / time / clock function
      8. Memory function: 1 or 2, each with 60 recorded readings.
      9. Power supply: Four AA alkaline batteries (included)


    • The K2-232 BP Monitor employs FUZZY inflation to ease stress on the arm during cuff inflation. By detecting pulse signals while inflating, the K2-232 BP Monitor is able to determine the sufficient pressure for each measurement.
    • The K2-232 arm type monitor indicates if the cuff is applied properly or wrapped too tightly or too loosely.
    • Indicates when the measurement is made in good conditions without influences from incorrect cuff application and patient calmness.
    • Indicates if body motion is detected during measurement.
    • Indicates reading of concern (World Health Classification).
    • Indicates pulse pressure and irregular pulse rhythm (talking, moving or arrhythmias affect pulse rhythm).
    • Memory function: 1 or 2, each with 60 recorded readings can be used as follows: 1st memory bank to record readings in the morning and 2nd memory bank for the evening readings.
    • Coverage arm circumference: 22 to 42cm applied part; BF

    Accessory:        A/C Wall Adaptor



    • FUZZY Technology to reduce pain from pressurization
    • Touch Sensor Display
    • Automatic Inflation System
    • Automatic Power Shut Off

    2 Memory banks:

    • The measured values are automatically saved for later review in either one of the two memory banks, (1) or (2). These two memory banks can be used to save readings of two persons separately or save the morning readings and evening readings separately.
    • Each bank can save up to 60 readings. When the number of the stored readings reaches 60, the oldest reading will be deleted to record new reading.
    • When a reading is taken, it records the date and time that reading was done, ensuring the correct feedback regarding the reading can be given.

    Irregular Pulse Rhythm Symbol:

    • Pulse rhythm can be disturbed by talking, moving or arrythmia.
    • The K2-232 displays a symbol indicating irregular pulse rhythm when intervals between pulse rhythm waves is over 25%.

    Body Motion Symbol:

    • The K2-232 displays a symbol when body movement is detected during measurement. Measurement results can be affected by body motion.

    Pulse Pressure Display:

    • Pulse pressure is most often overlooked when taking blood pressure measurements. Pulse pressure is the difference between the systolic and the diastolic reading. Pulse pressure decreases with age and has been considered to be related to the stiffness of arteries and has been studied as one of the circulatory risk factors. 45mmHg of pulse pressure is considered normal value and a pulse pressure above 50mmHg should be brought to a medical professional’s attention. Pulse pressure is not an indication of arterial sclerosis but should be monitored in the long term regarding arterial sclerosis.

    WHO Classification Symbol:

    Blood Pressure Measurement – Enhancing your health with the K2-232!


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