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    Nappi Code 203895 Cuff: Coverage arm circumference: 22 to 42cm applied part; BF Method of Measurement: The K2-232 employs the oscillometric method for measurement of blood pressure and pulse rate. Features: ✓ Touch sensor operation ✓ Large readable 15 digit liquid crystal display ✓ "Err" display symbol ✓ Inflates automatically ✓ Pulse symbol ✓ Inflation and deflation symbol ✓ Automatic turn-off after 3 minutes PATIENT-ASSIST app Our Patient-Assist app has been established as a supporting link enabling you to record and forward your readings immediately to your doctor.
    Patient-assist is only applicable should an K2-232 be purchased
    Contact Vasie on our TOLL FREE number 0800 62 2220 or Submit your product serial number for Patient Assist Access

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        Life-threatening cardiac emergencies often strike close to home, where we live, work and play. When you know how to recognize and respond to a cardiac emergency, the life you could save is likely to be that of someone you know—a family member, co-worker or neighbour. Because every minute counts when a person is experiencing a cardiac emergency, the person’s survival often depends on lay responders acting quickly and giving appropriate care until Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel arrive and take over. When a person experiences cardiac arrest, quick action on the part of those who witness the arrest is crucial and gives the person the greatest chance for survival. This on-line course aims to share knowledge, thereby educating and upskilling you with;
      • Cardiac emergencies,
      • CPR Techniques in Adults, Children and Infants,
      • first aid for choking
      • Use of BEATY
      • Use of AED
      By completing this on-line course, you will receive a Certificate of online attendance. Once payment is received via Sere-med Direct website, you will receive an email containing a link to the on-line portal, where you can login and, in your own place and time, complete the course. Should you wish to complete a practical component of the course, for an additional small fee, you would then qualify for a certificate of Competence (CPR & AED Competency certificate) Other Certificated courses on offer by SASFAE:
      • BLS for HCP
      • CPR for Professionals
      • Accredited First Aid training
      Should you want any further information or have any questions pertaining to the course, please contact: Richard Green at SASFAE (South African School of First Aid Education) Cell: 076 760 0869 /
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      Virtual Discussion
        The Sere-med emergency blue bag is our company’s flagship first aid bag. Its continuous demand and acceptance, a testament to our commitment, that regarding cost, customers want a comprehensive, well equipped yet an affordable alternative to what’s generally available. The bag has been designed to ensure there is sufficient space available for medication either recommended by your pharmacist or relevant to the environment you will be in or travelling to.
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      The Combo Pack includes a Sere-flow Nasal Irrigator and 1 x Box of 30 Sere-Salt Irrigating Granules. Should you choose or your doctor recommend Sere-flow, we suggest you initially start with the combo pack.  
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      30 sachets in box
        Sere-med Nasal Irrigating Granules, Salt-Salt is a natural substance used for the symptomatic relief of nasal congestion, dryness or other common nasal problems. Supplied in a small convenient gravity feed retail box of 30 x 3.6g sachets, they are ideal for easy storage and transport. For best irrigation results, use with the Sere-flow Nasal Irrigator. Directions for use:
      • Dissolve 1.2g of granules per 100ml (3.6g per 300ml) in lukewarm water that is clean / pre-boiled.
      • Shake well before use.
      • Do not use boiling hot, or cold water.
      Please read the directions for use on the Sere-Salt retail box prior to and to ensure correct use.  
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      Nappi Code 1102387*001 The Sere-flow Nasal Irrigator is supplied with 3 x 3.6g loosely packed sachets. OTHER PRODUCT OPTIONS Replace your Sere-flow Nasal Irrigator every three (3) years or after twelve (12) months following regular use.  
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      Nappi Code: 414724
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      Sere-med’s Cico Boy nebulizer offers a unique feature …. selected treatments! By using the appropriate adaptor, you are assured of an effective treatment of either the upper respiratory tract, bronchial tract or lower respiratory tract that is required by your doctor. Supplied with:
      • An adult / child mask, Nebulizing chamber, Tubing and Adaptor
      • Read instructions prior to use!!
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