We have been informed recently that the company named Cryo Ideal, which is promoting the sales of counterfeit N2O and CO2 Cartridges/Openers for use with our devices (CryoPen, Accurett) and they claim that these combined cartridges/Openers are compatible with our device.

According to our risk analysis, there are a lot of major risks regarding safety for the users and for the patient when using the counterfeit N2O and CO2 Cartridges/Openers with our devices, _their combined use is not suitable, nor safe. In addition, the performance of our device will be negatively impacted because of the opener will be folded or crushed during the puncturing process, the piercing function is not ensured which cause damage of the cavity and the device cannot be reused. Also, due to the bad filter quality, the internal parts of the devices are polluted or clogged.

See overleaf. Important_Notification_H&O_Equipments

Sere-med is the only approved, SAHPRA licenced importer and distributor for the CryoPEN and CryoPEN Cartridges in Southern Africa.