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Samaritan Pad AED 350P

Samaritan Pad AED 500P

Samaritan Pad AED Trainer 500P

Pad Pak Paediatric

Pad Pak Adult

Defib (AED) Wall Cabinet
Defib (AED) Wall Cabinet – Rotex

CryoPen B+ Cryosurgical Instrument

CryoPen B+ Cartridge (Box 6) 23.5g

White / Gold Dot Applicator 1-4mm

White / Red Dot Applicator 2-8mm

White / Bronze Dot Applicator 4-12mm
CryoPen M Cryosurgical Instrument
CryoPenC / M & O Cartridge 8g Box 24 + Openers
Red / Blue Dot Applicator 1-3mm
Red / White Dot Applicator 2-6mm
Red / Green Dot Applicator 4-8mm
CryoPen X+
CryoPen O Cryosurgical Instrument
CryoPen O & X Cartridge (Box 6) 16g

Red / Yellow Dot Applicator 7-15mm

BP Digital K2-232 (Arm)
BP Monitor. Digital K2-233 (Wrist)

BP Monitor – Aneroid 2 Hand SA500

BP – Bulb & Valve

BP – Latex Coil

BP – Cuff / Inflation Bag (Adult)

BP – Cuff / Inflation Bag (Large Adult)
BP – Connectors – Male / Female

BP – Cuff only Bandage Type (Adult)

BP – Inflation Bag only (Adult)

BP – Cuff only (Adult)

BP – Cuff / Inflation Bag (Thigh)

BP – Std Cuff / Inflation Bag with connector DM 3000

BP – Large Cuff / Inflation Bag with connector DM 3000

BP – Tube / Housing Connector DM 3000

BP Monitor DM 4000

Cast Cutter

Cast Cutter Blade

Ear Speculae size 2.5mm & 4mm

Ear Irrigator (Bulb Type)

Examination Lamp (LED) Mobile Complete

Examination Lamp (LED) | Wall Complete

HB Meter Digital

Height Measure – Wall Type

Cautery Unit Battery – 5 interchangeable tips

Cautery Tips

Nebulizer Cico Boy

Sere-Neb Nebulizing Set – Adult & Kids

ProPulse G5 Ear Irrigator Complete (Starter Pack)
ProPulse ORX Single Use Tips
ProPulse ProScoop Ear Wax Removal Scoop
ProPulse Noots (Ear) Tank
Thermometer – Digital Water Resistant
Micro Head Light LED – AC Adaptor, Rechargeable Battery – Code 08-771
Magnifier Adjustable – Head type
Resuscitation Bag Adult & Child
Scale – Professional 200Kg (CM)
Sere-UV Sterilizer
Torniquet – Sere-med
Stethoscope Dr

Stethoscope Rappaport Type

Radiosurg 2200 M
Blood Pressure Monitor – Aneroid Wall ALPK2-500-W-2
Blood Pressure Monitor – Aneroid Desk Type ALPK2-500-WD
Blood Pressure Monitor – Aneroid Mobile ALPK2-500-W-3
Glucose Strips – Multicare
Cautery Set Rechargeable (Desk Type)
Beaty – CPR Feedback Device
Life Vac choking device
Scale – baby 20kg (CM)
Irrigator Stand Folding (CM)
Otoscope / handle Luxascope Auris LED 2.5V Black
Dermatoscope Luxascope Skin Light LED 2.5V / contact plate
Penlight / Blue Filter (Luxamed) LED, Blue

Examination Lamp (LED) Desk Clamp Only (EXA004)