CryoPen O

With better control of procedures, the CryoPen O sets new standards for superb outcomes.

The CryoPen O dispenses a fine jet of nitrous oxide under high pressure which allows you to work with millimeter precision.

It offers the ideal solution for taccurate, quick, effective stress-free treatment of all skin imperfections.

Instrument: This instrument is well prepared for all treatment options.

Potential Users: Dermatologists, GP’s, Aesthetics Doctors, ENT-specialists, Paediatricians, Veterinarians, Urologists and Gynaecologists, and other medical professionals.


  • 8g N2O cartridges: 1 box containing 24 cartridges  /  1 carton containing 12 boxes
  • 16g N2O cartridges: 1 box containing 6 cartridges  /  1 carton containing 12 boxes
  • Once punctured the pressure will remain for weeks. Shelf life 24 months.
  • Storage at room temperature.

CryoPen O set with 3 applicators

  • Red/blue dot applicator: Ø 1-3mm  /  flow time 110-140sec (8g) / 250-280sec (16g)
  • Red/white dot applicator: Ø 2-6mm  /  flow time 80-100sec (8g) / 180-210sec (16g)
  • Red/green dot applicator: Ø 4-8mm  /  flow time 65-80sec (8g) / 145-165sec (16g)

What kind of lesions?

All benign lesions: Warts, actinic & seborrheic keratosis, haemangioma, molluscum contagiosum, condyloma, plantar warts, and more…

About the procedure

No special preparation is required. Treatment is applied for 2 to 25 seconds on each spot. In larger areas circular or crossing movement is required.