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URGENT NOTICE : Pre-med Cryoideal N20 cartridges/openers

2022-09-06T15:57:52+00:00Product Review, Sere-med News|

Dear valued client URGENT NOTICE : Pre-med Cryoideal N20 cartridges/openers I refer to a mail sent out by Casey Sykes of Pre-med dated 7 July 2022. (copy attached). In the aforementioned attachment, Pre-med refer to a “Third Party” promoting counterfeit N20 cartridges. Please be advised that it was Sere-med who lodged the Field Safety

Cryoideal N2O cartridges

2022-08-08T06:03:23+00:00Product Review, Sere-med News|

JUDGMENT - H & O Equipments (CryoPEN) vs Sjonny Van Eaten (CryoIdeal) Please be advised that on 12 July 2022, the Commercial Court in Belgium passed a judgement, as attached, against the manufacturer of CryoIdeal cartridges, wherein the court stated that they: Declare in court that the following acts by the defendant are unfair market

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