Freelance Medical Respiratory Representative required nationally

Motivate as to why you should be considered to join our team in the form below. No CV’s will be accepted.

Sere-med is Sandton based Medical Company that has been for the past 24 years providing the medical market with innovative and life enhancing products. We operate nationwide and outside the borders of SA. We ensure that our clients receive the service excellence they deserve. We need someone who will help us carry this legacy forward.


As a freelance Medical Respiratory Representative for Sere-med, you will source new business and ensure that our product is the preferred prescribed treatment regarding nasal irrigation to your existing client base. Your goal will be to establish our product as the leading brand in the respiratory field for nasal related problems, and the prevention of nasal abnormalities and discomfort. Your success will expand Sere-med’s market reach nationwide – helping medical professionals to assist their patients with their nasal related problems – while simultaneously developing your personal brand as a foremost expert in our space.


At Sere-med we ask a lot of our employees, which is why we give so much in return for your success…

BE SUCCESSFUL WITH US AND – Enjoy the following earning potential: 40% of Gross Profit

  • Flexibility: skip the commute to the office and work from your own home and hours that suit you and your client base.
  • Location: on days that you may need to come to the office, get here quickly, thanks to our universally accessible centralized location.
  • Expand your professional repertoire and be part of our commitment to enhance the lives of your clients and their patients.

Not everyone can be a Freelance Medical Respiratory Representative. To be seriously considered for this role, please have the following regarding:

  • Experience: At least 3 years in a similar role with comparable goals and responsibilities (Medical Respiratory Sales or similar background preferred)
  • Education: Matric and post matric relevant qualification in Medical and/ or Pharmaceutical Sales.
  • Skills: You must be a results-focused, quality driven professional with experience in business and operational development positions. Someone who can demonstrate consistent achievement of objectives, strong sales and service skills, and dedication to organizational goals. You must be an effective communicator, who establishes positive rapport, identifies needs and gain trust while building a loyal client base in a highly competitive marketplace.
  • Characteristics: This is a freelance position, so you should be self-sufficient and initiative-taking, and wanting to expand your portfolio with a principal. It is also a creative role, so you must be able to gracefully receive positive criticism and feedback about your work. You must have a proven sales professional history with documented experience in therapeutic areas, such as Pulmonologists, Otolaryngologists, Physiotherapists, Homeopaths and General Practitioners.


As Sere-med’s freelance Medical Respiratory Representative, you will meet the initiative’s strategic needs on your own, experimenting, learning, and adjusting as you go. Along your journey to grow our brand’s audience and reach, you will be responsible for:

  • Research: know when a new medical practice opens and know what the doctors’ specialities are.
  • Product knowledge: professional understanding of the product and the associated clinical trials.
  • Develop new business and provide excellent after sales service to your clients.
  • Integrating our product in such a way that it compliments your existing portfolio.
  • Exceed the provided sales targets.
  • Know your competitors’ products.

Motivate as to why you should be considered to join our team. No CV’s will be accepted.

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