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Beaty (Red and Blue)

Medical Equipment
R672.75 (INC VAT)

Beaty, is a REAL TIME CPR feedback device that gives real time feedback thus ensuring you are performing high-quality CPR.



Medical Equipment
R718.75 (INC VAT)

Choose Cico Boy and you will have a nebulizer that is reliable, manufactured of quality components and has an established proven track record in the international and both the South African medical market and public sectors.



Medical Equipment
R295.00 (INC VAT)

What makes Sere-flow different is that it works with a spontaneous flow of saline solution, up one nostril and out through the other, naturally. No forceful pressure or pain is associated with Sere-flow when compared to squeezing a bottle of other irrigators to ensure that water is forced up the nostril, which according to numerous studies, can irritate the delicate structures of the nose and middle ear.


K2-232 blood pressure monitor

Medical equipment
R914.25 (INC VAT)

Blood preassure measurement - ensure it is done correctly.


Ear-thermometer (INFRARED)

Medical Equipment
R488.75 (INC VAT)

Body temperature represents the balance between heat production and heat loss. If the rate of heat generated equates to the rate of heat lost, the core body temperature will be stable. The body is very good at keeping its temperature within a safe range, even when temperatures outside the body change a lot.


Sere-med emergency blue bag

First Aid
R989.00 (INC VAT)

The Sere-med emergency blue is equipped with not just the basic essentials but proven Sere-med products used each day by medical professionals, pharmacies and the public.



Glucometer Diamond Complete: R402.50 (INC VAT)

Available directly from Sere-med.


Glucometer strips

Glucometer Diamond Strips: R230.00 (INC VAT - Min order: 3 Bottles)

Glucometer strips, box 50 and blood lancets are available directly from Sere-med.


Epiglu single dose

Epiglu single dose: R203.30 (INC VAT)

Injuries can and do occur in the home environment and during recreational activities, the most common being lacerations and cuts. Epiglu is a single use, sterile tissue adhesive which is available in an easy to use dosette.



Automated External Defibrillator

Emergency Loo

Emergency Loo: R201.25 (INC VAT)

Emergency Loo with super absorber. A discreet, disposable solution for all situations. Convenient, safe and hygienic to use anywhere by men, women and children.



Size 0.6m x 0.9m – R 874.00 (INC) VAT
Size 0.9m x 1.5m – R 1530.65 (INC) VAT

Sere-MAT is an anti-fatigue mat proven to reduce physical and mental fatigue caused by prolonged standing. It has been specifically designed to reduce the onset of pain and tiredness caused by prolonged standing on hard or firm floor surfaces. Pain, inflammation, tenderness and burning are just some of the problems associated with Musculoskeletal Disorders caused by prolonged standing.