What is Sudden Cardiac Arrest? Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is the condition in which the heart suddenly and unexpectedly stops beating in the absence of any other known/pre-existing cause. The cause is almost always a dangerous, life-threatening abnormal heart rhythm.

Signs and Symptoms of Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Once the heart stops beating, blood is no longer pumped throughout the body, including the brain. The person suddenly passes out, loses consciousness and appears lifeless - except for abnormal “gasping” which may last for several minutes. Occasionally SCA victims will experience 10 - 20 seconds of seizure activity (shaking of the arms and legs) at the onset of the event as the brain stops receiving blood and oxygen from the heart

The SCA victim is never awake and needs immediate help, if nothing is done, the victim will die within minutes.

Lifesaving Actions - You have only 4 to 6 minutes. Emergency response cannot get to the victim in the required time! When SCA occurs, it is critically important that whoever is near the victim calls 112 immediately, checks for signs of life, and if there are none, gives CPR and uses the nearest Public Access Defibrillator (AED). There is very little awareness regarding cardiac disease, especially Sudden Cardiac Arrest

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How to set up your AED

How to set up your AED

How to use your AED 500P

Innovator - Do other AED’s offer this?

  • Technology Advantage 1

    samaritan AED utilises proprietary electrode technology, advanced and stable firmware, and proprietary SCOPE™ Biphasic technology (an escalating and low-energy waveform that automatically adjusts for patient impedance differences) to access rhythm and recommend defibrillation if necessary. read more

  • Most Portable 2

    HeartSine offers the smallest and lightest AED on the market, so it’s the most convenient unit to use and store. read more

  • Most Durable 3

    samaritan AED offers the highest durability rating of any AED (including an Ingress Protection [IP] rating of IP56 and US military onemeter drop test). read more

  • Most Reliable 4

    The HeartSine AED’s 10-year warranty is the longest warranty in the industry . That includes the samaritan AED’s advanced system self-diagnostic protocols. Even HeartSine’s one-click Pad-Pak™ - with integrated battery and electrode in a single cartridge - comes with the industry’s longest warranty read more

  • Lowest Maintenance Costs 5

    Unlike competitive products that require separate consumable expiration dates for customers to track and replace, samaritan AED 500P is simpler and less costly to maintain thanks in large part to its single-unit battery/electrode replacement cartridge. read more

  • Lowest Cost of Ownership 6

    Lowest labour cost, lowest maintenance cost, field upgradable and low acquisition cost. read more

  • Easiest to Use 7

    Designed for use by rescuers of all skill levels, samaritan AED is a completely self-contained unit with no lid to open, complex displays or controls. Our simple two-button operation and voice/visual prompts with clear instructions guide the user through every step, including pad application, shock delivery and CPR. read more

  • Innovative CPR Feedback and Support 8

    The importance of good quality CPR during sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) can hardly be argued. Often responders have difficulty in performing good CPR. The HeartSine CPR advisor is unique in that it uses patented impedance cardiography (ICG) analysis technology which provides feedback on the quality and rate of compression during CPR. read more

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